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Your business relies upon being open in all types of weather. When it snows the KMF Team is deployed and ready to conquer whatever mother nature brings. From the George Washington Bridge to Philadelphia to D.C. and Richmond we have an organized and communicated plan of action for every event. With over 15 years of being boots on the ground we have learned that no two events are the same. We utilize private weather services and believe in being over prepared for whatever may come. We have plow trucks, heavy equipment and deicing materials, staged and ready to meet the needs of our clients when it matters most.

Managing the storm is a key component to ensuring client and end user satisfaction. The KMF Team starts well before the first flakes fall and are in constant communication with our clients ensuring their needs are always met.

We offer custom programs based on your sites operations. From global financial, to sports stadiums, industrial distribution and commercial, we are the best choice for your snow and ice removal needs.

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